Consultancy through
the Supply Chain

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Our values, expertise and independence allow us to offer integrated supply chain solutions through technical consultancy, knowledge exchange, project management services and bespoke IT packages.

Technical Consultancy

Our consultants are primarily vets that are industry recognised experts in their field. They have an established background in supporting both individual farming businesses as well as industry wide initiatives in relation to improving animal health, welfare and productivity within the supply chain. This allows us to offer a wide range of consultancy services across the pig, poultry, cattle, dairy and sheep industry.

We have considerable experience of developing and delivering bespoke solutions through our work with retailers, processors, national bodies and cooperatives and can support the engagement of all parties within the supply chain; something we think is key to a sustainable supply chain.

Some examples of previous consultancy projects include:

  • Production and delivery of retailer health and welfare standards and procedures
  • Support in building long term sustainable supply chains through strategic planning, on-farm measuring and managing and sharing best practice
  • Individual on-farm consultancy (based around data collection and analysis) to drive health, welfare and efficiency improvements from the grass roots, right through the supply chain

Knowledge Exchange

As well as our own yearly fixed programme of courses and conferences, we run a number of requested practical workshops aimed at providing farmers or their vets and associated professionals with the latest information that will continue to drive excellence in health, welfare and production. Examples of the types of courses previously run include:

  • Welfare outcomes
  • Responsible use of pharmaceuticals including antimicrobials
  • Foot trimming for cattle or sheep
  • Monitoring, management and prevention of metabolic disease in dairy cattle
  • Improving herd fertility dairy and beef systems
  • Mastitis control
  • Grassland management
  • Lambing preparation
  • Poultry pododermatitis management
  • Poultry red mite control
  • Managing the transition cow

Project Management Services

If you would like to know more about your supply chain either on a specific area e.g. on-farm antimicrobial usage or would like to understand what your current health status is for the farms that supply you, we have the capability to be able to carry out independent one-off or longer term projects.

Previous projects have included on-farm surveys, research and development trials, targeted data collection and analysis as well as trouble-shooting particular supply chain challenges in relation to our areas of expertise.

Bespoke IT packages

As our focus is around measurement and management of livestock production systems to drive improvements up and down the supply chain, we felt it was key to make the process of data collection and subsequent customer reporting as easy and intuitive as possible. This has resulted in us designing our own web-based application, FarmMetrics.

FarmMetrics can be configured and branded to each client’s requirements. The latest version is mobile/tablet friendly and can be fully integrated with custom apps.