Dairy Consultancy

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Pastoral Consultancy

EBVC consultants have extensive experience of grazing dairy herds both in the UK and overseas. Combined with our nutritional expertise this puts us in the unique position of being able to optimise the balance between animal and pasture production in all dairy systems that incorporate grazing as part or all of their forage base. In addition to nutritional consultancy, our consultants provide evidence based advice on the maintenance of pasture quality, optimum grazing interval and sward management.

Using modern software tools, combined with on farm observation and measurement enables us to accurately calculate pasture harvest, to predict future feed supply and demand and to identify opportunities arising from supplementary feeding. This data is presented in an easily understood, visual manner that all farm staff can understand. Working with this knowledge enables us to formulate farm specific plans and balanced rations to optimise milk production, whilst maintaining pasture harvest and quality. Central to our nutritional advice is the incorporation of analysis of feed costs and milk output responses in order to maximise farm profitability.

We are able to provide consultancy to all farms throughout the UK and abroad who wish to utilise grazed grass as part of their dairy system. This includes, but is not limited to extensively grazed “New Zealand” systems and all hybrid systems that incorporate grazing alongside conventional housing and feeding.

Our service is supported by our large administrative team to provide an outstanding level of customer service. Working alongside a farm’s existing veterinary practice we are able to provide additional advice on animal health, mastitis and reproduction in seasonally calving herds where required. However, we sell no drugs and provide no first opinion veterinary services. This allows us to offer a collaborative and completely transparent approach.