Production Measurement
and Analysis

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EBVC love data! By measuring and analysing outcomes, objective judgements can be drawn on the strengths and weaknesses of any given system. We pride ourselves on ensuring that we ask the right questions, collect robust data and analyse it with the appropriate statistical techniques in order that we can provide advice and guidance based on facts.


FarmMetrics is a web-based application that can be configured and branded to each client’s requirements. It can be customised to all members of the supply chain from farmers and their vets through to retailers and their processing suppliers. It is securely hosted in the UK on dedicated servers and is capable of assimilating data from hundreds of differing sources in differing formats as well as facilitating real time benchmarking. The latest version is mobile/tablet friendly and can be fully integrated with custom apps.

We have clients using the system for a number of purposes including:

  • monitoring and predicting production performance
  • customised supplier/retailer surveys
  • monitoring the efficiency of feed use
  • tracking financial indices
  • recording, tracking and benchmarking welfare outcomes
  • recording, tracking and benchmarking abattoir/processor quality and grading information
  • analysis of milk recording data (in the UK and abroad)

If you would like to know more about your supply chain either on a specific area relating to health, welfare and efficiency issues e.g. on-farm antimicrobial usage or would like to understand what your current health status is, we have the capability to be able to carry out independent one-off or longer term projects.

Our in-house expertise and links to external specialists means we have the resource to be able to collect and analyse data that is not always easily accessible. Confidentiality is critical in the collection and analysis of any individual farm or site specific data and we have the appropriate IT security procedures and protocols in place to ensure this is managed responsibly.

Evidence Based Forage Profiling

By focussing on what is critical to an animal's high health and productivity status and investing time, and effort into getting those parameters accurately characterised, we hope to move practical on-farm nutrition to the next level.

Working with our partners, we offer a range of reports and analyses for feeds and forages to make your animals healthier and more productive.

Please contact us for advice on forage profiling and interpretation of results.

Evidence Based Metabolic Profiling

EBVC work in partnership with NationWide Laboratories to provide evidence based metabolic profiling. This service is an innovative urine profiling system aimed to support advisors in delivering a responsive whole herd nutritional or management review.

Analyses interpretations are completed by our in-house vets, who have considerable experience in the field of production animal metabolic health. If ration and feed information are included with submissions, we are also able to offer comment and assistance on this critical area of dairy herd management.

Macro-Check: An extensive package to look at all aspects of periparturient macromineral metabolism and what may be affecting it. Used to troubleshoot outbreaks of disease associated with clinical and/or subclinical hypocalcaemia that can be associated with Milk fever: Retained foetal membranes, udder oedema, poor fertility, metritis, failure to 'get going' after calving.

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Blood Glucose and Ketone Monitoring

The Freestyle Optium Blood Glucose and Ketone Monitoring System is an accurate and cheap means of measuring blood ketone concentrations on farm. High blood ketone concentrations are related to poor energy status.

The meter is especially useful for selecting appropriate individual cow treatments as well as monitoring of energy balance at routine veterinary fertility/health visits. It can also be used by farmers after appropriate veterinary instruction.

An excessive incidence of subclinical ketosis is strongly linked to poor reproductive performance and high rates of metabolic disease, especially displaced abomasums making blood ketone monitoring a high priority.

Image of the Ketone Meter and Strips

The meter is very simple and quick to use; a drop of the cow's blood drawn from the tail vein is dropped onto a test strip which is then inserted into the meter to give an immediate result.

Please contact us to order the meters and strips or for advice on use of the meter and interpretation of results.