Dairy Consultancy

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Mastitis and Milk Quality Consultancy

EBVC provide an evidence based approach to the control bulk milk somatic cell count and the reduction of mastitis rates. Using in depth analysis of milk recording and clinical mastitis data we are able to accurately identify the pattern and spread of mastitis causing organisms on individual farms. Combining this information with analysis of animal management and a detailed review of the milking process allows us to establish which areas on farm represent specific risks to udder health and milk quality. Working with this knowledge enables us and our producers to establish farm specific logical and practical protocols and procedures that will reduce mastitis and somatic cell counts. This data driven farm specific approach has been proven to be effective at reducing mastitis rates and somatic cell counts. Find out more.

We have extensive experience of knowledge transfer within the veterinary and agricultural sectors and we are able to meet any relevant training requirements identified during our mastitis analysis.

Our mastitis consultants have experience of all common dairying farming systems from intensively managed, fully housed herds to extensive grazing operations. We are able to provide mastitis consultancy throughout the UK and abroad, and have also had involvement with herds in New Zealand. We offer our mastitis consultancy as either a one off, or more commonly, an on-going basis, forming part of the farm team and visiting quarterly to review current performance and to identify any areas where further improvements can be made. This regular review and incremental change is the key to attaining excellent performance on farm. However, consultancy packages are always tailored to the individual farm businesses requirements.

The consultancy team have access to the latest industry standard software for analysing individual farm mastitis and cell count data, and for the production of farm specific plans. We present this data in an easily understandable, visual manner such that all staff on farm are rapidly able to understand the extent and the nature of the issues that need to be addressed. A specific mastitis planning and reporting tool enables us to produce clear, concise farm specific advice that is readily understood and acted upon by the farm team.

Our service is supported by our large administrative team to provide an outstanding level of customer service. We work closely alongside a farms existing veterinary practice, we sell no drugs and provide no first opinion veterinary services. This allows us to offer a collaborative and completely transparent approach that enables you to attain your goals for udder health and milk quality.