Dairy Consultancy

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At EBVC the core of our business is in the measurement and management of individual farming systems to inform specific advice and guidance that fits your farm and your team. This approach works for 2000 cows housed in northern Scotland on distillery by-products through to 60 cows at grass in Wales, cows under a canopy in Malta being fed Italian hay or sheltering from the icy winters of Latvia on grass silage. Through detailed data analysis and prioritising animal health, welfare and production efficiencies, we aim to drive improvements that deliver a sustainable, profitable business model.

Our consultants are primarily vets that no longer undertake traditional veterinary roles in practice but have chosen to specialise in what we call ‘production medicine’ - that is the fancy name for taking a ‘herd based’ (as opposed to an individual cow based) approach to preventing problems and increasing productive efficiency. We work closely alongside your existing veterinary practice, we sell no drugs and offer no first opinon veterinary services and therefore present no threat to the service they offer.

We offer predominantly technical consultancy as either a one off, or more commonly, an on-going basis, forming part of the farm team and visiting each month (or agreed interval). We work closely with farm business consultants to provide those services where needed (cash flows projection, budgets, grant applications, bank or finance negotiation). Our service is supported by a large administrative team that provides the full range of IT tools to make our service cutting edge.

We are confident that through our extensive experience and our transparent, collaborative approach we can make your dairying business, wherever you are in the world and whatever your aspirations may be, more profitable with healthier, happier staff and cows.

Nutritional Services

EBVC are responsible for rationing herds of all types and sizes. We work extensively throughout the UK and have had involvement with herds in Malta, Latvia, Poland and Czech Republic.

We tailor consultancy and nutritional advice to all types of farm business from extensively grazed systems to intensively housed herds and a number of our clients include NMR/RABDF Gold Cup winners and nominees, NMR life time yield winners and NMR’s Top Holstein herd (Fat and Protein) winner.

The team have access to the latest industry standard software for rationing individual farms and make use of parlour software, milk recording data and veterinary observation on farm to assess performance and tailor rations to deliver the best performance. At EBVC we work in collaboration with Dechra Laboratory Services, providing metabolic profiling and urinalysis to trouble shoot and identify on-farm health issues related to feeding.

We also provide a nutrition mentoring service with the aim of supporting practice vets in delivering a comprehensive service to their dairy clients.

Mastitis and Milk Quality Consultancy

EBVC offers in depth, farm specific Mastitis and Milk Quality Consultancy to help our clients to achieve maximum sales of high value milk. We work with herds of all sizes and under all common management systems. Using up to date analysis and modern software, combined with on farm observations we produce herd specific, targeted plans to address the identified risks.

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Pastoral Consultancy

EBVC consultants have extensive experience of grazing dairy herds both in the UK and overseas. Combined with our nutritional expertise this puts us in the unique position of being able to optimise the balance between animal and pasture production in all dairy systems that incorporate grazing as part or all of their forage base.

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Profiling Services

We currently provide two profiling services. These are Forage Profiling and Metabolic Profiling.